Rapid rise doors

Rapid rise doors with reset

The rapid rise door systems at Door Loading Services UK Ltd is unique as it has a self-repairing feature. Should accidental damage occur, the high speed door can automatically reset itself once fully opened. This strong door is durable enough to withstand wind gust of up to 95km/h. We can also supply fast action doors and self repairing doors.

Anti-crash system

Installed with an anti-crash system, this means should the curtain become caught by a fork lift, or someone transporting goods, the curtain will open and proceed to reset itself before closing, this is a cost effective solution to help cut down the expense of repair bills.
Rapid rise doors

Rapid rise doors features:

•  Self-supporting structure in galvanised steel (Pack)
•  Full width canopy and motor cover
•  Zipright fast acting door is standard stainless steel
•  Self-repairing system
•  Safety photocell to stop door and return to open position should an obstacle be detected
•  Standard control panel mounted push buttons
•  Safety edge, in case the curtain hits an obstacle when closing (Optional roll or pack)
Anti-crash system
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